What is GTalkabout?

  This is a graphic interface tool based on subversion. It helps programmer with revision control and allows them to review their codes. It is an integrated XMPP client that lets programmer across the world connect to each other through internet or intranet.

Automatically detect the server

If the test folder is already a subversion checkout directory. Can be found in the test folder Explorer Context Menu >> GTalkabout menu items.

If you cannot find GTalkabout menu items, go to the GTalkabout directory and:

1. Create a new text file and using notepad type in: Regsvr32 / v gtashell.dll

2. Save the file as "register.bat"

3. Select "run as administrator".

"Subversion" configuration page default is "Auto Detect by WorkPath". Note that the server, user name and password cannot be detected from the working path and must be filled in by hand.

You can also drag the directory into the startup page. If the directory is a subversion checkout directory, it will bring you to the previous interface.