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18.11.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.9 Professional Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
Introduced File monitoring records(FMR). These are generated by monitoring the working path and extracting the modification within a source code file to change and save. Each record is stored in a local database. Only the modification is saved, not the whole file. i.e. If a file has 1k bytes with one byte changed, only one byte data + several bytes of position data are saved, not 1k bytes saved. This is automatic and doesn't need an input from the user. Each record can read and compare with other records. You can use them to track your modifications during your development. The records can be file patches which you can package with messages and send to other developers. The file monitoring records could be queried by: time, file name, revisions, and can also be sorted by these same conditions.

15.10.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.8 Professional Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
Introduced a 'balloon' window to instantly display any code related to what the user is currently looking at. The user simply hovers their mouse button over any messages and the code will come up, highlighted, in this moveable window. GTalkabout gives the user the freedom to quickly and easily annotate any part of the source code and tracks changes so as to allow the user to: immediately check back to the location of the source code under discussion, see what code may be connected to the current code and what may need to change in response to new code input, and present the user with a 'before' and 'after' analysis of code changes. Simply click 'locate' link to find the code in question.

20.08.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.7 Professional Edition Released(Obsolete)

08.08.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.7 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
Geek abilities introduced in this version. The first kind of geek abilities named "Total Recall" can reverse from source to recall the message: Object is called total recall because the message can still pass and recalculate its position whether it is linked in the code, in the version of the file. The file then recalls those experiences and makes those changes accurately as possible.

05.06.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.6 Professional Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
This version chains the source code in the other repositories: One message database supports multiple repositories. Messages in one message database can link source code in different repositories. When developing related projects in different repositories, it is recommended to use the same message database. Messages of these repositories can be organized together making it easy to understand the logic. It is physically possible across file, directory, even across repository's code.

10.04.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.5 Professional Edition Released(Obsolete)

18.03.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.5 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
This version introduction messages associated menu and patch: In the past, you could only link messages to source code in scene mode. The newly introduced associated menu supports delay link, re-link and de-link. The introduction of a new patch message that in addition to link to the source code can also modify the code.

08.02.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.4 Professional Edition Released(Obsolete)

08.02.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.4 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
This version is to strengthen local repository/sync mirror repository functions: After local repository moved and if it is checked out, its working path automatically updated repository location. In the past, mirror repository can only make browsing with the original; now the repository can also be used to update the working path; same as updates from the remote repository. This will happen only when it can't connect to a remote repository.

08.01.2014 GTalkabout 1.0.3 Professional Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
This version introduces revision database which are used to improve the building speed of the repository bar: When browsing large open source projects there are a lot of revisions such as Apache 's repository. There are more than one million five hundred thousand revisions; therefore, by introducing revision databases the recording already downloads the revised version information including the revisions' directory, file updates, etc., Can avoid repeated download again from the remote repository. This function is applicable to long-term research an open source project geek.

24.12.2013 GTalkabout 1.0.2 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
The GTalkabout Personal Edition is a FREE Editon of GTalkabout. The main difference between the Personal Edition and the Professional Edition is XMPP supported or not, See more.

24.12.2013 GTalkabout 1.0.2 Professional Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
This version improved the image transmission during discussions: Instead of the In - Band Bytestreams, begin to use Socks5 Bytestreams transfer photos. With the In - Band Bytestreams transmit image preview (IBB). Use Socks5 Bytestreams (S5B) transfer the whole picture. Does not support the Out - of - the Bind (OOB) transmission mode. Buddy discussion and MUCRoom discussion based on XMPP, both support S5B transmission. The sender and all of the receivers are must behind NATs or are otherwise blocked from establishing direct TCP connections.

15.11.2013 GTalkabout 1.0.1 Released(Obsolete) Key features
Use gtahelp as help/installation system. Increase the SVN checkout interface.

15.10.2013 GTalkabout 1.0.0 Released(Obsolete) Key features
Integrated the version controlling function, notation code, discuss code function. Use subversion repository bar to control repository, remote or local. Without any subversion server, built-in local repository generation tool to generate the local repository and manage code. Notation code and messages, stored in the local message database, if XMPP configured messages can be through the XMPP share within the team, or pair programming and development partners. Message can contain images; can be associated with the code. Can through the message filter to display a message on the variety of terms and conditions.