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01.01.2016 GTalkabout 1.1.7 Advanced Edition Released Key features
Supporting editing and saving in the left side and right side in the compare view. When you select a text in the left side of compare view, if the same position in the right side has the different contents, a 'right arrow' will appear on its line number. Click it should use the left selected text to replace the same position in the right side. Similarly, can replace the left side's different content with the right side. Supports closing the left side or the right side individually.

25.11.2015 GTalkabout 1.1.6 Personal Edition Released Key features
Provided support for finding in project's working path and repository. Find in working path means searching a string in the local files of the project. The results could be directly shown or shown the modified status on the working base. Find in repository means searching a string in the project's subversion/git repository. The results show the strings' modified status between revisions. You can do specific find in one or more files, sub-directories and can also specify the file types to find.

20.10.2015 GTalkabout 1.1.5 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
Introduced "message road sign" in function map, which can help you to search the calling chain between functions. By setting up road signs to one or more nodes in the function map, you can use them to find out the calling relationship between the functions. Road signs are built by annotate messages. When a message annotates a piece of code, its belonging function will set up a road sign. One road sign can be corresponded to more than one message. By clicking the road sign, the related messages will be highlighted.

12.09.2015 GTalkabout 1.1.4 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
Introduced Travelling mode in the function map, which help you to read the source code according to the call relationship of the functions. Travelling mode means that treat the function nodes in the function map as view spots and the connections between caller node and callee node as travel routes, which feels like travelling in the source code. In the travelling mode, the callee function will be marked in the source code panel, and select it to highlight the function invocation arrows on the map, and to activate the "Goto" button. When you press the button, it will jump to the callee function's source code and at the same time it will record the caller and this calling process on the message board, to help you jump return back to the caller function's source code as you like. Code written in Python is supported for generation of function map. Increased the kind of connection lines. Dash line means the relationship is "Added" and dot line means the relationship is "Removed".

26.08.2015 GTalkabout 1.1.3 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
Introduced Function Map. It generates a graph to represents the linkage interface of the source code where the function node can be located by the source code in function map and the source code can be located through the function node. This feature involves automatically analysis of the source code in order to generate the graph. You can easily find out the call and caller relationship by looking at the function map. All the call/caller relationship such as global function, class members etc. is represented by the graph in function map. Status of every function in the source code keeps on changing depending on the work requirement. The function map always shows the updated result as it keeps on tracking the change in code and if changes take place that is reflected through the status icon immediately. The status change could be anything such as added, deleted or modified. Code written in C/C++/JAVA/C#/Objective-C is supported in this function map and more languages will be included very soon.

08.07.2015 GTalkabout 1.1.2 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
There are several options for selecting your font.

08.06.2015 GTalkabout 1.1.1 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
Support for viewing and editing source code is written in a variety of code pages, including utf-8. A shadow thumb will appear when locating the messages related code, to show the messages revision. If the code was changed in the revision of the thumb when locating the messages related code, the code in the revisions of the message and of the thumb will be highlighted to compare.

12.05.2015 GTalkabout 1.1.0 Advanced Edition Released(Obsolete)

20.03.2015 GTalkabout 1.1.0 Personal Edition Released(Obsolete) Key features
Use of python script to develop plug-in to extend and customise GTalkabout. Through the python script, the following respects have improved: 1. All of the client editions that support different sites are merged together and use python script to implement their communication with the sites. It is easy and open to write a plug-in to support a new site. 2. Increased types of version control system - now the source code in the git repository can also be discussed. Git is a distribute version control system, and is also a type of file system. Currently, GTalkabout only supports read-only access git repository; it actually creates a local disk subversion repository and dumps all revisions from the git repository into the subversion repository. In fact, GTalkabout does not directly operate the git repository, and only uses python to read code from it and discuss.